You have a new promotion that needs strong, persuasive copy, but your regular writer is unavailable. Or you’d like to get a new perspective or style that’s different from your current stable of copywriters.

And, of course, you want copy that delivers results. While no copywriter can guarantee a specific outcome, wouldn't it be wise to work with a writer who has achieved results?

Like the results I delivered for this client who was trying to attract distributors for a new health supplement:

"The emails you wrote for me did a brilliant job and helped me build my business. I've got over 4,200 resellers in my group now! Thanks again for the excellent work you did for me."

You see, there could be many reasons why you're here at my site. Maybe it's one of the reasons above. Or not.

But, chances are, you're looking for a health copywriter who can -- at the very least -- meet the following requirements...

• Uses customer grabbing, copywriting techniques

• Experienced in writing for the health sector

• Honestly listens to your ideas and concerns
• Keeps a lid on his ego

• Meets deadlines

• Conscientious and hard working

I’ve written for virtually every marketing medium

So if you want to expand your health promotions, you’ve got a copywriter who can handle any assignment.

Now I'm sure you may have other requirements. But if you nodded your head to the list above, then I think we value similar things. And many of my customers would tell you that I exceed the traits listed.

I've operated my health copywriting business for ten years. If I wasn't keeping customers happy, my business would have crumbled years ago.

I would love to help you exceed your sales objectives. Drop me a line or give me a call. And let's see how we can work together and make your content a success.

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"We needed a copywriter for our new natural health newsletter, and we were most fortunate to find David.

His writing is first class and always delivered
on time. It's great to work with a true professional

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